Recent master's theses/projects:

Lee Periolat, Real-time Biophysics Simulations on GPUs, in progress
Moses Lee, CoreAudio Wrapper Library, in progress
Cheryl Nielsen, Education Games for Physics Education, in progress
Ted Uentragkul, Using Machine Learning for Automatic Music Transcription, in progress
Omar Shaikh, Full stack Software Platforms for Advanced Augmented Reality Hardware, December 2016
Kay Choi, Tracking Bees using Imaging Analysis, November 2016
Jason Burmark, Solar Simulation at Scale, May 2016
Marc Sosnick, Use of General Purpose Graphics Processors for Realtime Sound Synthesis, May 2013
Kasra Varzaghani, The AIRR system: A Drupal based repository for academic program review, June 2012
Alison Hughes, Embedded Wireless MIDI Control Over IEEE 802.11 Using RTP MIDI, November 2008
Avinash Arora, A Web Based Testing Application for a Distributed VoIP Soft Switch, July 2005
Neha Chahal, Characterization of Benchmarks on Pentium 4 NetBurst Architecture, July 2005
Vijay Mariadassou, A Plug-in for Machine-level Profiling of Java Applications, August 2004
Hiu Chan, Effects of JIT Compilation on Superscalar Performance, May 2004
Mark Gordon, Network Audio Recording Environment, Spring 2001
James Hale, VoiceView: Voice analysis software..., Spring 2001
Wanda Yee, Instruction Level Parallelism of Modern Benchmarks, Fall 1999