CSc 690/699 Interactive Multimedia Application Development (Fall 2012/Spring 2013)

Fall 2014 Projects

PhotoAmp by Austin Kwok and Nick Ottrando
(slideshow authoring with online search/matching for images and song lyrics)
Comic Yourself by Thomas Cassady and Jason Huang
(comic strip authoring application with image search and processing)
Processing Video Editor by Elbert Dang and Jacob Gronert
(video authoring/editing application with subtitles)
Moves.FM by Tyler Westerman
(tracking/mapping application for music listening and location data)
Beat by Lowell Milliken and Stanley Seeto
(authoring application for rhythm game beat maps, with automatic MIDI extraction)
Gormandize by Brendan Luna, Michael Smith, and Kevin Soncuya
(online restaurant search and visualization)
Foursquare Check-in Mapper by Joseph Fernandez
(venue search/mapping application for Foursquare)
Twitter-Tracer by Eric Chu and Kason Soohoo
(Twitter tracking/mapping application)
QuickShow by Kay Choi and Moses Lee
(slideshow authoring application with video and audio)
DJ'volution by Wilson Hoang, Russel Leong, and Felix Ramirez
(video jockey application with Arduino-controlled audio effects)
Viusic by Joey Auby, Aubrey Gierard, and Jared Halpert
(interactive audio/video performance environment)
Library Reflections by Veronica Yuen
(multimedia library browsing application)