CSc 690/699 Interactive Multimedia Application Development (Fall 2012/Spring 2013)

Spring 2013 Projects

Universal Game Controller by Shane Hollon
(video game controller emulation for Android devices)

Fall 2012 Final Projects

SpokenLights by Shane Hollon and James Martin
(photo playlist and animation display on bicycle wheel)
ComicMaker by Hanzen Lim and Qui Lu
(comic creation application for Android)
Open Photo Booth by Andy Graulund and Marcel Koglin
(configurable photo processing and sharing application)
City Dining by Christian Sanchez and Maureen Tigno
(restaurant rating and information visualization)
PokerFace by Luis Cordon, Juan Cruz and James Latief
(online multiplayer poker session with streaming video)
Reaction Time by Mohammad Hasan and Jason Solnit
(diffusion reaction with image templates)
Audiverse by Linh Lam and Wesley Pascual
(music library visualization)
Motion Controlled Image Browser by Mayyin O'Neil and Terry Wong
(photo browsing and management with physics-based interface)
Image Filter by Truong Nguyen and Min Min Phyo
(photo search with map and timeline displays)