CSc 690/699 Interactive Multimedia Application Development
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Selected Fall 2017 Projects

Spotify Info Suite by Andrew Lesondak and Steve Pedersen
(information delivery platform for Spotify desktop users)
MyPy Image Editor by Uzair Inamdar, Saman Porhemmat, and Jizhou Yang
(image search/editor/slideshow authoring with sharing)

Spring 2015 Projects

TuneTutor by Ben Saylor
(audio environment with pitch/tempo adjustments and annotations, for learning music by ear)
Parking Assistant by Jeremy Brubaker
(Android app for locating parking, with annotations)
Where U at? by JongHoon Choi, Vince Di Carlo and Harjit Randhawa
(Android app for easy location of friends in an unfamiliar area based on GPS tracking, with chat and annotations)
GameBase by Marissa Abril, Jonathan Ford and Jordan Santiago
(web application for searching and visualizing information about games)
Enorase by Ryan Jenkins and Jonathan Olson
(Android app for visualizing/annotating DICOM medical images in 3D)
PhotoCube by Angelo Nucup
(Android app for 3D photo display)
PhotoWorld by Alejandro Lai Leung and Jonathan Raxa
(web application for searching and mapping photos)
PubCrawler by Stephen Tsay
(Android-based beer journal and BAC estimator)
ComicGit by Sylvain Ribstein and Sisi Wei
(web application for collaborative comic authoring)
SportSpot by Austin Ensley, Mark Favis and Sonja Heikkinen
(Android app for visualizing NBA statistics)