An Irreverent Listening List of Unusual and Electronic Music

  • Limitations of Common Practice Notation
    John Butcher, various recordings
    Piri-sinawi, Sinawi Music of Korea (King)
  • Non-traditional Musical Instruments
    Kithara, Cloud Chamber Bowls, Spoils of War
    Harry Partch, The Bewitched (CRI)
    Partch video clip
    More Partch info...

    Player piano
    Ampico model
    Story and Clark model showing foot pedals
    Conlon Nancarrow, Studies for Player Piano (Wergo)

  • Tape Music with Improvisation
    Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Slippery Hippery, Flippery, from Rip Rig and Panic (Emarcy)
  • Early Sequencing and Tone Generation Experiments
    Raymond Scott, Soothing Sounds for Baby (Basta)
    Raymond Scott, Manhattan Research Inc. (Basta)
    Raymond Scott Web Archive

  • Early electronic instruments
    General: Electronic Musical Instruments page
    IEEE Virtual Museum exhibit on electronic instruments
    Leon Theremin theremin lesson
    Clara Rockmore, The Art of the Theremin (Delos)
    a source for Theremins and Theremin info

    Ondes Martenot
    Olivier Messian, Turangalila Symphony
    Ondes Martenot information and clips

    Oskar Sala, Subharmonic Mixtures

    Mellotron demo video

    Dick Hyman, Moog: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman (Varese Sarabande)
    Wendy Carlos and Switched-on Bach
    Vintage synthesizers resource
  • Spatialization: room acoustics
    Alvin Lucier, I am sitting in a room [realization by Chris Burns]

  • Sound and image
    The Shining remixed (PS 260)
  • A silly footnote
    from the Computer History Museum