Virtual Reactable Real-time Synthesizer Interface (Trevor Blackstone)
MIDI sequencer with graphical interface (Aaron Edwards)
Pitch follower with sinusoidal tracks (Peter Gulezian)
Sampler/sequencer with graphical interface (Chris O'Neil)
Wii remote-based theremin and music controller (Marc Sosnick)
Audio Units-based Effects (Chris Friedrich)
Beat Machete drum loop generator with onset detection (Jensen Galan)
Real-time phase distortion synthesizer (Louis Gorenfeld)
Data glove controlled sampler (Mike Wong)
Software drum machine (many variations)
XML score to guitar tablature translator (Peter Livingston)
MIDI file to piano roll translator (Tetsuro Mori)
MusicXML score renderer (Ted Wang)
A Java-based dance music generator (Alex Aybes and Alison Hughes)
Virtual turntables with graphics (Bryan Johnson)
Renderer for subset of MPEG4-SA (Jeremy Katz)
translator from sign-language to speech (Dan Gunter)
Graphical envelope editor in Perl/Tk (Frank Cox