Seminar Schedule
Spring 2004 Synthesis Seminar Schedule

Week 1: Organizational stuff and overview
Week 2: Review I
Digital audio concepts
Spectrum analysis and FFTs
Week 3: Review II
Classical synthesis approaches and components
Digital filter basics
Week 4: Stk, PortAudio, PortMIDI
Stk classes
Stk example code
PortAudio overview
PortMIDI overview
Week 5: Synthesis engine design; modal synthesis
Drum machine demo (Bill Preder)
FM synthesis demo (Louis Gorenfeld)
Cello synthesis demo (Steven Lee)
Real-time synthesis engine design (patch language issues)
Week 6: Modal synthesis
Modal synthesis (Cook's approach)
Mode estimation: Chladni patterns
Week 7: Modal synthesis (con't)
Modal synthesis (Van den Doel's approach)
Week 8: Resonance modeling
Continuous excitation (Van den Doel)
Banded waveguides
Formant synthesis
Week 9: Physical modeling with waveguides I
Synthesis engine preliminary demos
Plucked string synthesis
Commuted synthesis model
SKINI file demonstrating mandolin parameters
Week 10: Physical modeling with waveguides II
Synthesis engine demos; discussion of extensions
Two clarinet models
Week 11: Physical modeling with waveguides III
Blown bottle model
Flute model
Week 12: 2- and 3-dimensional structures
2-D structures with waveguides
2-D structures with modal synthesis
Week 13: Particle models
Week 14: break
Week 15: Real-time timbre analysis; controllers