Real-time Sound Synthesis

CSc 837 Advanced Sound Synthesis

Instructor: William Hsu
Spring 2005 Tuesdays 1600-1850
Office: Thornton Hall 930 Phone: 415-338-2289

Textbook: Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications by Perry Cook more info...


Elements of Computer Music by F. Richard Moore (Prentice-Hall)
Computer Sound Design by Eduardo Miranda (Focal Press)
Science of Percussion Instruments by Thomas Rossing (World Scientific)

overview of software synthesis
basic filter concepts and design
real-time audio and synthesis APIs
modal synthesis
physical modeling with waveguides
physical modeling with mass-spring models
other approaches
overview of tools and applications


Real-time synthesis engine (based on Portaudio)
[more information soon...]

Useful links:

Audio and synthesis APIs:

Perry Cook's Stk (C++ synthesis toolkit)
Phil Burk's Jsyn (Java synthesis environment)
Kees van den Doel's JASS (Java audio synthesis)
David Zicarelli et al.'s Max/MSP
Miller Puckette's Pd
Niels Gorisse's CPS
flext (cross-platform development for MaxMSP/Pd externals)
Gary Scavone's RtAudio (real-time audio)
PortAudio (real-time audio)
Music Information Retrieval Tool List

Physical modeling:

Julius Smith on waveguides
Stefan Bilbao on non-linear plates
Yamaha VL-1 physical modeling patents
Gregory Scandalis' movies of string and membrane vibration

Mass-spring models:

Stephen Kevan's notes on physics of mass-spring models
Hans Mikelson's mass-spring emulation in Csound
Mark Pearson's Tao (toolkit for mass-spring simulations)
Jeremy Katz's instructions on porting Tao to Solaris

Vocal tract models:

SF Exploratorium vowels demo
Articulatory speech synthesis with Praat
Waveguide articulatory singing voice synthesis with SPASM

Physics of sound and instruments:

Carl Nave's overview of acoustics and music instruments
Fu-Kwun Hwang's virtual physics java applets (with many wave examples)
University of New South Wales music acoustics research
Simon Fraser audio and acoustics primer


University of Iowa musical instrument samples
Search engine for sound files
Gordon Reid's articles on (mostly) subtractive synthesis
Robert Bristow-Johnson's cookbook for biquad filters

Bill Preder's Real-Time Synthesis Engine (Spring 2004)
Spring 2004 Schedule of Events