Efficient Finite Difference-based Sound Synthesis using GPUs

The following are sounds generated from software which utilizes the GPU to perform the calculations for a physical model (the 2-D wave equation) from which audio is generated. The constants, which control various aspects of the model and therefore the timbre of the sound, are selected from Bruce Land's matlab file. Please see marcsosnick.com/current.php for more information about how these sounds were generated. All of these sounds except for the drum sound can currently be reproduced in realtime by this software, which when completed will be available for download at marcsosnick.com/current.php. Questions or comments may be directed to Marc Sosnick.

description  rho  eta  alpha  boundary 
initial 16 0.05 0.002 0.1 0 initial.wav
chime 12 0.5 0.0001 1.0 0 chime.wav
bell 6 0.5 0.0002 1.0 0.75 bell.wav
drum 96 (?) 0.25 0.0002 0.1 0 drum.wav