Experimental Computer Science Lab (Sci 252)

Funded by NSF ILI-DUE 9751724

  • Primary objective:
    To support hands-on projects and experiments in systems area courses
  • Equipment:
    19 Pentium II PCs (dual-boot Windows NT and Solaris)
    2 dual-CPU Pentium II PCs (dual-boot Windows NT and Solaris)
    2 Sun Ultra-5 Workstations
    laser printer
  • Available Software:
    Shade trace generation toolkit
    Message Passing Interface (MPI)
    Simplescalar architecture toolkit
  • Projects and publications:
    Experiences Integrating Research Tools and Projects into Computer Architecture Courses,
    27th Int. Symp. on Computer Architecture, Workshop on Computer Architecture Education
    June 2000, to appear

    CSc 656 Computer Organization: MPI Experiments, Fall '98

    CSc 645 Computer Networks: Sockets Programming, Spring '99

    CSc 856 Advanced Computer Architecture: Comparing Branch Predictors, Spring '99

    Measurement and Modeling of Disk Subsystem Performance

    Performance Modeling of Computer Systems Processing Disk I/O Workloads

    Performance Analysis of Disk Subsystems for Microsoft Windows NT and Solaris Operating Systems

    Performance Analysis and Comparison of Linux Redhat 5.2, Solaris 7, and Windows NT 4.5 Operating Systems on Intel X86 Platform

    Benchmark Program Generator for Compiler Performance Analysis