Fall 2018 New NSF SFSU Computer Science Funding
Fall 2018 New NSF Computer Science Awards

Congratulations to Computer Science faculty for NSF awards starting Fall 2018!

Rahul Singh,
III: Small: RUI: Designing Structure-Phenotype Query-Retrieval and Analysis Systems for Microscopy-Based Whole Organism Studies (NSF IIS, $516k) [More info here]

Ilmi Yoon, Anagha Kulkarni, Pleuni Pennings,
Developing a Computing Application Minor and an Inclusive Learning Environment to Build the Diverse, Multidisciplinary Computer Science Workforce of the Future (NSF DUE, $1.3M) [More info here]

Hao Yue, Ilmi Yoon, Pat Donohue,
Collaborative Research: CS4SF: A Scalable Model for Preparing High School Teachers to Provide Rigorous, Inclusive Computer Science Instruction (NSF CNS, $390k) [More info here]

Ilmi Yoon (co-PI),
NSF INCLUDES Alliance: Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (NSF HRD, SFSU share $400k) [More info here]