Chin S. (James) Wong, Professor
Department of Computer Science
San Francisco State University


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(415) 338-2858
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TH 967
Department of Computer Science
San Francisco State University
1650 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132


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Class Information : Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Schedule

Course Number

Course Title





Data Structures



TH 331


Data Structures



BUS 110


Analysis of Algorithms II



TH 425

Fall 2017 Office Hours



9:00am-10:00am & 18:30pm-19:00pm




Fall 2017 Course Information

CSC220 Data Structures : Syllabus Class Materials

CSC810 Analysis of Algorithms II: Syllabus Class Materials

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Research Interests & Computer Skills

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M.S. Project Topics

Design and implement web applications, sample topics: Required Skills: AJAX, JavaScripts, JSON, XML & parser, web server, XHTML (or DHTML), CSS, database, C++/JAVA
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Graduate Students

Student Name

Project Title

Completion Date

Ye Cheng

" Android Application for Managing Photos Across Devices "5/17

Hui Zhao

" Learning Path Application: A JavaScript and Node.js Stack Based Implementation "5/17

Sisi Wei

" Visgraphs: A Web-Based Learning Tool For Visualization of Graph Algorithms "5/17

Amurta Deshmukh

"Android Application - Family Protector "12/16

Weisong Lin

"Intelligent Music Website built using PHP&MySQL "12/16

Yichen Liu

"General N Puzzle Sliding Game We Application "12/16

Kumari Sweta

"BeamIt: Android app to share digital business cards "12/15

Achint Verma

"Lenager - SaaS Based Lead Management Software "12/15

Ayush Goyal

"Snappit: Android Application "07/15

Sha Yan

"CISFSU Exam System for Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University "06/15

Mu Ye Gao

"Mutual Match Dating Website A PHP/MySQL Implementation "04/15

Mehnaz Singh Jaggi

"MyReceipt: Receipt Manager to Manage Receipts Android and Web Application "12/14

Andrew Wen

"Guest-DJ - A Real Time Music Request Application"5/14

Ning Jiang

"Internet application research and implementation Student Books Purchase an Rent Website"4/14

Bhavna Syal

"Foodie Tracker: Android Application and Web Application to Track Nutrition Intake"7/13

Sajeev Nair

"Web Assessment Management System, Using Codeigniter & MySQL"5/13

Tingting Sun

"Web-based House Search System: House for You"5/13

Wei Luo

"International Purchase Information Platform"8/11

Qianjun Yang

"Job search internet application - A Drupal based implementation "5/11

Sindhu Gonaguntla

"Personalized Homepage Application"5/11

Yoshihiro Tanaka

"A Case Study of DHT Functionality: Range Query on DHT"12/10

Ryohei Nakata

"Multimedia E-commerce Web Application"12/10

Anirudh Shukla

"RSS Feed Management System"12/10

Yang Yang

"An Implementation of Workflow Management System"5/10

Tomi Haryanto

"iPage Personalized Web Page"5/10

Rushan Cheng

"Personalized Homepage Using Web 2.0 Technologies"10/09

Neha Bhargava

"Dynamic Personalized Web Page"8/09

Krishnan Devarajan

"Developing Customizable Personal Webpage"8/09

Sadia Arslan

"Web 2.0 Customized Homepage Application"3/09

Munawwar Peshimam

"Web based event manager for network testing"12/08

Amol Deodhar

"Wed based event generator for network management"12/08

Varsha Khemani

"Exception handling in a distributed environment"5/06

Hikmet Salih Ozkan

"An Open-Source, Web Based Document Management System"5/05

Hajime Nagashima

"The Edge Disjoint Multiple Paths Problem When Constructed Over Uniformly Directed Mesh"4/05

Hsiao-Fei Ker

"An E-Learning Environment for Data Structure"5/04

Ling-Chen Hung

"Parallel Port Control Implementation for Linux Environment"12/03

Abdelilah Essiari

"Anchor : A Secure Mobile Agent Platform"12/03

Haiyan Luo

"A Formal Methodology on Computer System Functional Testing Process"05/03

Wei Le

"Design, Implemetation and Illustration of a Linux Decice Driver"05/03

Quang Dinh

"Group Fiffie-Hellman Key Exchange Engine For Inter-Group Communication SGLv2"05/03

Anna Sklovsky

"Job Submission and Scheduling Module"11/02

Svetlana V. Tassel

"Performance Measurement of IPC techniques in UNIX systems"11/02

Xiaolin Qian

"Linux Based Embedded Data Storage System Evaluations"11/02

Min Zhai

"Fast In-memory Cache System"5/02

Xiumin Wang

"A Visualization Tool in an Internet-based Design Environment - Design and Implementation"6/00

Chunying Yang

"A Comparison of Fast Access Methods in an Internet Product Prototype"5/00

Daxin Zuo

"A High Performance Internet Product Prototype: Design and Implementation"5/00

Garrett Lai

"A Microsoft Windows 3.1 to Unix Serial Link"7/96

Robert Vasvari

"The Remote Browser"5/94

Ravi S. Devaray

"Developing an Advenced Client Graphics Application Using OLE 2.0 for MS Window"4/94

Yuzei Zhang

"Minimizing Mean Flow Time with Error Constraint in a Real-Time System"4/94

Monique Yan

"Single Machine Generalized Due Date Scheduling Algorithms"11/93

Winnie Wan

"Satellite Payload Image Generation Subsystem In a Real-time System"11/91
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